Overnight shipping for Yumm! Sauce available. More shipping options will return with cooler weather. Restaurant gift cards are here!

Common Questions


Q: I’m having trouble with my saved payment information. Can you help?
A: Café Yumm! does not see your payment method so you will want to contact Shopify’s tech support.


Q: Why did my shipping cost change from one day to the next?
A: UPS may change rates at any time. Rates can also change if you update a shipping address and shipping options may change due to weather.


Q: I live in Florida and I can only select one-day shipping. Why is that?
A: Yumm! Sauce requires refrigeration and we have to ship it on ice with overnight service if you live in a warm area. You may want to check back should your weather cool down.

Q: I live in New York and it’s cold outside. Why does shipping cost so much?
A: Ground shipping is not available for states that are more distant (from Oregon). This forces us to choose a more expensive shipping method.

Q: Why aren't the large bottles for sale?
A: We can only ship jars at this time; however, we may explore shipping the one-liter bottles in the future.


Q: Will an invoice be included in the package?
A: No, we do not include any invoices or other documents with pricing in the package.

Q: How can I include a gift message with my gift card order or Yumm! Sauce order?
A: Call our office. Give us the message you want to include, the order number, and the recipient's name.
If possible in the future, we may include this option online.

Q: When do you ship?
A: Each week, we ship on Tuesday because the packages need to arrive within three business days. Major holidays and hot weather may affect this.

Q: Can you give me a tracking number?
A: You will receive a tracking number in an email when we ship your package on Tuesday.

Q: Can I order your Jalapeño Sesame Salsa online?
A: At this time, Jal-Ses!™ is only being produced for sale in our restaurants. The salsa is hand-packed to be sold in very small batches mostly on demand. Because Jal-Ses!™ is a natural product made without preservatives, the “enjoy by” date is very short. We will continue to research a viable option for offering this product through our online store in the future. 



Q: How long will my Yumm! Sauce keep?
A: We ship Yumm! Sauce that states an “Enjoy by” date at least three months in the future.

Q: Can I freeze Yumm! Sauce?
A: Yes, but we do not recommend it. Freezing will change the consistency, causing Yumm! Sauce to separate when thawed. Some people use an immersion blender after thawing but results vary.

Q: Is Yumm! Sauce available in my local grocery store.
A: Visit our website for a list of grocery stores in California, Oregon, and Washington at cafeyumm.com/grocery-stores.

Q: Can I ship Yumm! Sauce on my own?
A: We cannot advise you how to package and ship Yumm! Sauce other than to point out that perishable, liquid food products require extra consideration. A few general pointers we can share:

  • We've found we can ship jars of Yumm! Sauce unrefrigerated *if* the package arrives within three days and the weather does not go above 70°
  • We ship overnight on ice if the weather forecast calls for temperatures above 70°
  • We have not tested shipping for the one-liter bottles of sauce
  • Plenty of bubble wrap and extra layers of cardboard can spell success